Vaping with the New RYOT Verb

A Vaporizer for Big Hitters

We’ve been gone for a few weeks. I was out sick, the Gary was, and then we were slammed busy for a week after that. We found a little time for Brett and me to shoot a couple of videos but we’ve been off the map for a little while so sorry about that. We’re back now with several videos in the works about all kinds of cannabis lifestyle products and events.

In this review, we tackle the RYOT Verb Dry Herb Vape. It’s been designed for people that want a bigger rip out of their vaporizer without having to sacrifice portability. You can get large hits from the bigger chamber from this vape. It does get a little hot but the silicone sleeve reduces a bunch of the heat and prevents it from transferring to your hand. The heat-up time is quick, and the battery life is decent when considering how large the oven is. We got some big rips from this portable vaporizer.

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