Valentine’s Day Special

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Ah, commercial holidays are such a beautiful….ly terrible thing. There’s absolutely no reason that people should have to run out and buy 18 million candy hearts just to tell the person they love every day that they love them. Wow, we sound like Lewis Black right there.

Anyway, the guys over at the 420 Science Club pour themselves some “expertly poured” beers and sit down to talk about how romantic Valentine’s Day is to them. To Gary, it’s all about romantic movies like Blade and Deadpool. Brandon, on the other hand, likes to compare roses to female anatomy and declares the best gift to give someone is both phallic AND edible because heart-shaped foods are evil. Or something. We’re not entirely sure what he’s talking about.

But dabs are taken, and beers are drunk as the Club sits back and chills on the couch in another episode of the 420 Science Club. So sit back and watch this with your SO and enjoy your Valentine’s Day with Gary and Brandon!


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