The Newest Pipes From Grav

New Grav Bongs and Bubblers from 420 Science on Vimeo.

The 2019 bongs from Grav are here and we’re taking a hard look at each of them and giving our honest opinion. Each one is pretty cool in its own right. Gary liked the upright tube the most because it works as the best dab rig. The UFO-looking bong is also really cool. If you took a tall beaker bong and melted it down it would look a lot like this piece. I loved the cone mini bubbler, it has an interesting shape and I’ve been waiting for Grav to include a bubbler downstem in their pipe for a long time and they did a great job with this small bubbler. Come take a look at these seven new pipes that range from bubblers to dab rigs and see if we were able to get stoned with them or not. Spoiler alert; they work.
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