The New Kargo Review

This is it! You asked for it, now its here! Three new percs. A smaller/tighter can with a double stuffed base. A killer sidecar trumpet. New custom silicone lids made exclusively for this piece to keep it extra fresh! The Kargo is re-born!

The original Kargo was a blast, but we wanted something more, something new. So we did research, asked questions, made prototypes, tested and assessed every aspect of the new design to ensure maximum functionality across the board. The new Kargo is the “ultimate badass” piece from 420 Science!

During the episode, Gary shares a bit of history on the blueprinting of the new Kargo and how it came to be, telling the tale of how in search of new ideas he traversed the U.S. to unlock the secrets of a perfect hit. Cutting the chamber in half was a must, and going “fixed stem” added a touch of flawlessness. The three new percs– Hammerhead, Umbrella and Gridded Inline –were inserted, intended to blow your mind. Each one of these percs ensures luxuriously smooth pulls. WARNING: the base is incredibly hefty and can put a hole in your wall or coffee table, so be careful.

Brandon, on the other hand, gives an elaborate description of the all-new Warranty Program, his brainchild and a first of it’s kind. It’s a revolutionary glass protection plan that has never been available for this medium before. Buy a Kargo with the Protection Plan, you break it within a year (how dare you!), you get another FREE. No questions asked, no hassles. Just snap a photo of your broken piece with the plan and ta-da, it’s like it never happened. The whole episode is quite informative, and we’re super excited for the launch of the all-new Kargo from 420 Science. Enjoy.

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