The GRAV Sip Series

We take a lot of hits with the newest pipes from GRAV, the Sip Series. The Grav Slush Cup is back, and it’s brought some friends. The Sip Series is a collection of bubblers that can work well as dab rigs or bongs. Each is modeled after an object that also typically holds liquid, like the easy to grip Coffee Mug, or the peculiar and novel Milk Carton. __________________________________________________________ We are 420 Science, your most trusted online head shop! We feature a variety of products to help you get the most of your smoking and vaping experience! From beginner to master, we can accommodate any need. Check out our new dedicated site: Join our mailing list! Find us on Social Media: Instagram- Twitter- Twitch- 420scienceclub 420 Science Main Accounts Instagram- Twitter- Facebook-

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