Rick & Morty Fan Art

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Listen up, viewer, I need your *BURP* help. Gary and Brandon are trapped in a dimension where they’ve been drawn on a piece of paper and are stuck there. We’ve gotta rescue them before it’s too late!

How cool/crazy/nuts would it be to be a part of the Rick and Morty universe? I mean, it would never get boring, that’s for sure. But I guess the 420 Science Club doesn’t really get boring either! In this episode, the guys talk about an awesome fan of the show- and girlfriend of our cameraman, Luis- drew the two of them as Rick and Morty characters on the couch! Shout out to @sarahmaederling on Instagram for her amazing artistic talents!

If you want to create your own 420 Science Club fan art, feel free to send it to Club@420Science.com! We’d love to see your awesome talents!

that’s: Club@420Science.com

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