PAX 2 Unboxing & Review

The guys open the brand spanking new PAX 2 for a review and reveal the IPhone-like quality of this even better version of their favorite handheld herb vaporizer. Since the first PAX came out Gary and Brandon have been proud owners and huge fans of this quality portable product. The PAX 2 has been re-invented, and the world’s best designed on-the-go herbal vape is better than ever. What’s new? Everything! From its smaller, sleeker design to its new heat reduced mouthpiece or even its new four-level temperature control. Ideal for getting high as a kite anytime, anywhere. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at the video and find out how awesome the PAX 2 is!! The most durable, versatile, portable, reliable, comprehensive vape you will ever need is now available for you to order.

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