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MAV Glass

Gary and Brandon dab it up with some new rigs! We’ve added several new rigs, cans, and big bongs to our collection from MAV recently. We like their style and we find they have some good things going on. Come and take a look!

Full Transcript:
Gary: We’re continuing to expand our MAV collection.
Brandon: Reduce, reuse, recyclers.


Gary: Hi. I’m Gary. Co-founder of 420 Science. The most trusted online headshot.

Brandon: That’s true. And I’m Brandon, and you’re glue. Whatever you say to me, Brandon’s off for me, and sticks back to you. You can decide how I work as a verb.

Gary: Welcome to the 420 Science Club, a show for people that like to smoke weed, and talk about pipes, and the cannabis community, but not talk about the weed they are smoking or where they got it from.

Brandon: No.

Gary: Today, we’re going to be looking at these MAV recyclers we’ve been carrying MAV for about a year now. I really like a lot of their unique designs and these recyclers all have some really unique color elements and some cool design elements.

Brandon: Yes. I was happy that we picked them up. You can never have too many rigs, especially clam recyclers, clam recyclers tend to have a really great action to them, because they have that banked edge that goes around the top and drains all the way back down. But each one of these MAVs is slightly different than the others. While they’re all clines, they do have some different bases going on, different things like that.

Gary: I got the beaker base, and [cross-talk]

Brandon: Like a bell base.

Gary: Yes. A larger bell with this cheese wheel.

Brandon: Yes, yes. It’s like a nacho cheese recycler.

Gary: I mean, I really like this color.

Brandon: Yes. That was really funny. It took a minute to grow on me but I just keep thinking about macaroni and queso dip, I’m sold on it now at this point. Not all of them have this, the ones that have the sphere bottom like this, have a good teacup. I really like it when the client’s have a [cross-talk]

Gary: The base too.

Brandon: Yes, yes. It goes all the way down. Yes, it’s a hollow base, that’s your water line too. This one does have the most water in it with that sphere, it’s going to really chug, probably.

Gary: Yes. It’s still really high water line, most of that water is just for the weight.

Brandon: Yes, yes. But I mean, sometimes that’s good, you get your stability there.

Gary: I mean I will point out that none of these come with a banger, like MAV sends them out with a bowl. I mean you could smoke flower out of a recycler, but, I mean it’s just not as common [cross-talk]

Brandon: I mean it’s ideal for dabbing, because you can keep your waterline to a minimum, like one like this, it’d probably do fine for flower because you can have such a high water line.

Gary: Yes. I think it’s just they’re just hard to clean. That’s my thing with it. I guess, use rez block, that’s going to help a lot. But I really think this is dab [cross-talk]

Brandon: Yes. That one has a really low water line on it. This one has the the bell bottom. Yes, because it has the fix-down stem. It has two holes that push out to the side.

Gary: [inaudible 00:03:03] got some nice action on it.

Brandon: Yes. I mean, they’re banked properly, that’s what I like about them. Is that a lot of times that, on a bad Klein, it’s like a production that has no quality control, or people aren’t thinking but they’re doing it. They bank it straight in. These have that kind of edge that points a little towards the wall, and that gets that water flowing around. If you don’t have that, essentially it’s just a drain. But adding that extra water around, you get a little bit more movement, a little bit more time, before it’s cycles back down and through, I like that a lot.

When I said, “Yes, what we like about MAV” Besides that they’re really varying up their pieces, one of the things that me and Gary like about the people that we get our pipes from is, we’d like it when they offer a lot of variety. That’s one of the biggest thing that Frab has going for them, like, in MAV is really trying to push up their competition where they do big bongs, they do recyclers, they do little stuff, they do stuff with perks in it, they do stuff that’s real thick, that’s just built for durability. They’re all over the place and we’re able to source what we want. They’re also cool because they are pretty transparent about that they have some of their production here in the US, and some of their production abroad, like these three. These guys, the recyclers, are all from their California studio, but some of our bigger pieces, like the big thick beakers they make, those are all made overseas.

Gary: The nine millimeter ones.

Brandon: Yes. I mean, drop four pounds of glass on the table, that shit’s never going anywhere. That beakers going to last forever.

Gary: Yes. Transparency, we like that.

Brandon: Yes, and they’re affordable.

Gary: They’re affordable, yes. Yes, it’s good production glass.

Brandon: Absolutely.

Gary: You want to do this?

Brandon: [unintelligible 00:04:49].

Gary: Cool off another second.

Brandon: One.

Gary: Good. [silence]

Brandon: Oh my. That was a righteous dab. Yes, that’s super smooth. Got the little elephant ears there. I could have pulled a lot harder on it, I didn’t. But I like that a lot of times, I think people forget about that, about recyclers. About how they’re made to where, if you pull really hard, it’ll cycle. Whereas other bongs, you might get some splash back or something might go wrong. But you don’t have to, you can just make that first bottom part do its thing and you’re good.

Gary: These thick ones just retain the heat so much.

Brandon: See you’re using the round directional carve kappa like down so easy to angle. Reaches all the way down in that bucket too. Now, that’s really nice. Delicious.

Gary: i mean, this almost just goes with this piece.

Brandon: Yes, yes. I mean, amber fold. Amber is one of my favorite colors of glass regardless. But yes. You got some orange in there and everything, looks good.

Gary: Home-blown glass makes these bubble caps. We have some of these on our site, think we’re about to get more colors of them.

Brandon: Yes, we have those. Then we also sell the UFO looking flat caps.

Gary: Yes.

Brandon: The flat caps have an angled spout on the end. Like these bubble caps stick straight down, but you can turn on. The flat caps come out at a 45 degree angle, you can spin them and they’ll have coverage. This one’s just like the regular full hourglass. I’d say that’s more of the classic Klein style. Just has a two slot, but this is real pulled up to the side.

Gary: Yes. I like this design the best. I think it’s just that classic, yes.

Brandon: You don’t get a lot of overflow, you don’t need a lot. I mean that’s minimum minimum. You’re really just cooling your dab down as much as you need to not get a straight hit. That’s what I like because, I mean, you send that dab to too much stuff and just gets sticks to all of it.

Gary: Yes. These are really nice recyclers. Way to go MAV.

Brandon: Yes. Their color choices are real broad. They go all over the place between cool and warm colors, they have some interesting stuff like this orange.

Gary: I imagine there’s some that we’re not showing or-

Brandon: Yes, yes. There’s a couple of other colors, but then really it’s these styles and then each one varies within the same color family, they’re cool.

Gary: Cool.

Brandon: Cool. Not hot, but cool. Ultimately yes. Like we said, what MAV has going for them is that they’re really pushing their variety of glass they offer, and we like the styles. They rival Grab in some of those ways.

Gary: I think that MAV is an up-and-coming brand for us on 420 Science.

Brandon: Absolutely.

Gary: We are going to be their official online retailer. Look for us to really be expanding the selection of their unique pieces.

Brandon: Yes, all their variety, we’re going to try to-

Gary: Lots of colors.

Brandon: -Offer the best that they have.

Gary: Yes. For sure. If you liked this episode of the 420 Science Club, tune in next week, and we’re going to do it again. If you liked any of the things you saw today, it’s, in case you didn’t know.

Brandon: It’s there.

Gary: It’s there.

Brandon: Don’t look anywhere else please. [laughs] Yes, if you enjoyed this episode, please comment, like, subscribe, if you haven’t already, subscribed to get more of our content. But we’re not only making content here on YouTube. We’re doing it everywhere.

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Brandon: Thank you.

Gary: Thank you.

Brandon: Goodbye.

Gary: Welcome to the 420 Science Club. A show about smoking stuff, and talking about pipes, and the cannabis community. But we’ll not talk about the stuff.

Brandon: Where we got it.

Gary: We never talk about that anyway.

Brandon: Skipping over that part.

Gary: It’s just stuff.

Brandon: Now let’s talk about some pipes

[00:09:31] [END OF AUDIO]


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