New Helix from Grav Labs Review

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Holy tornado, Batman! What are these fantastic pieces that swirl as you hit them? Well, my friends, these are the all-new Helix pipes from Grav Labs! If you’re not familiar with Helix, the swirl effect created in the top chamber comes from several holes bored into the bulb-like top chamber that helps to create the Venturi effect, aka the swirl you see Gary and Brandon creating as they enjoy the different varieties of Helix!

In this episode of the 420 Science Club, the guys get the dirt on the redesign of the top chamber from Stephan Pierce- Grav Labs’ Chief Design Officer- and get familiar with the new water pipes and steamrollers. Gary loves the look and feel of the new glass, especially the thick bases and the new shape. Brandon, however, loves that you can rip and rip and rip and get a continuous, milky pull! Together, the guys determine the redesigned Helix pipes are substantially more awesome than their predecessors. Sit back, relax, maybe hit your old school Helix, and enjoy this episode of the 420 Science Club!

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