NEW 420 Jars 2016

Pick up your 420 Jar storage today!

What’s better than a 420 Jar? A 420 Jar with one of SIX ALL-NEW DECALS. That’s what! On this week’s episode of The 420 Science Club, Gary and Brandon sit down and discuss the epicness that is these new designs. Two of the designs- Hamsa and Pineapple- were created within the Creative Department at 420 Science. The other four were created by local Austin, Texas street artist Vandal, or @vandal_1 on Instagram. He dreamed up the killer Skull, Spaceman, Zombie Donut and 4:20 Food designs that are now being prominently featured across ALL 420 Jar styles (save for concentrate jars).

While Gary sits back and fires up a bowl, Brandon delves into the entire list of amazing deals you can pick up your storage with. If you’re simply looking for a quick addition to a purchase, use the promo code SPEND69 at checkout when you purchase an item over $69 and receive a FREE Small Pop-Top 420 Jar! Or if you’re really looking to beef up your stash game, head for the UV 4-Pack, where you can pick up all four sizes of our UV 420 Jars for only $49!!! That’s an insane deal!

All in all, this episode will teach you that your dankest, stickiest, smelliest green deserves a MUCH better home than that pill bottle you’re carrying around, so why not give a 420 Jar a shot? Just know that if it ever breaks, send us a photo to and as long as you bought it from us, we’ll replace it for the cost of shipping! That’s one heck of a deal! So sit back, relax and enjoy this all-new episode of the 420 Science Club!


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