Linx Hypnos Zero Review

Pick up your Linx Zero today!

This episode of the 420 Science Club is all about making Gary happy. He’s the dab guy of the bunch, and is always looking for the best and greatest way to enjoy concentrates, so now it’s time to review the newest pen from Linx.

You love the Linx Hypnos. Those discreet bad boys are designed to give you the ultimate amount of control with four unique temp settings. Now, they’ve gone and upped the ante with an all-ceramic atomizer. There are no more coils! Introducing the Linx Hypnos Zero: the same tech you love from the original now comes with that awesome ceramic heater, ensuring that every little drop of gooey goodness gets enjoyed. Gary gives you the rundown about the new setup of the Zero, and Brandon calmly sits back and dreams of the ultimate borosilicate crazy straw.

Sit back and enjoy this episode as the Club reviews the Linx Hypnos Zero pen!

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