Incredibowl Extension Tubes Review

Want an Incredibowl Extension Tube?



We’re always listening to our customers, taking notes of items they’d like to see on our shelves. When the Incredibowl hit the market, we knew it was a no-brainer to pick up. That’s why Gary and Brandon are ecstatic to announce the arrival of the XL and XXL Extension Tubes for the Incredibowl m420!

The XL Extension Tube is the real way to get a party started; hit this a few times and see where it takes you. It will most likely be to the couch. The XXL Extension Tube? Forget it, it’s too powerful! No one can handle it, not even the 420 Science Club! This dangerous beast of a steamroller shows no mercy, comes fully equipped with the fastest clearing carb in the West, and is nearly indestructible.

Going on adventures should not include you bringing your most exotic pipe and having to risk unforeseen chaos. Leave your prized possession at home and buy a pipe built for the road. Whether you’re repelling from a cliff, skydiving, pole vaulting, biking, hiking, going to a crazy party, or just walking your neighborhood, the Incredibowl is the pipe for you. This one of a kind design is going to take your journeys to the next level!


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