Grav Chillers & Glycerine Coils Review

It’s summertime at 420 Science, and the guys are trying to keep cool any way they can. But hot smoke gets hotter when you’re chilling out at the poolside in the blazing sun; bong water can heat up in a matter of minutes like a pot of hot coffee. Our two friends have the solution to keeping your rips frosty and smooth: glycerine. This product will cool you down your smoke on a hot summer day.

Brandon gives a breakdown of the Chiller and Glycerine Coil products and shows a chiller utilized in many different ways over different Water Pipes. Gary fills us in on the science behind glycerine’s unique thermal properties. These multi-functional, freezable glycerine products are the perfect thing to keep your hits chilled down. The 420 Science Club shows you being “cool” means more than just putting on your sunglasses.

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