Genius Pipe Review

Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe has been around a while, and we finally go around to trying it. Gary and Brandon toke up the renowned indestructible and cough free pipe.

Most all metal pipes taste weird when you hit them, not the Genius pipe. The Genius pipe provided excellent tasting, smooth hits, and stores comfortably in your pocket or breaks down for easy cleaning.

This pipe was dreamed up by two engineers that appreciate cannabis and wanted to design a pipe that was durable, affordable, and featured modern design. The Genius pipe is all those things and more. Find out more here!

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Tech Specs/Credits:
2 Canon 6d front cams A & B
Canon XA10 close-up cam
Rode nstg2 mic
Cowboy studio fluorescent lights
Edited on Adobe Premiere
Editor/Director Andrew
Writer /Actor
Actor / Producer Gary
Executive Producer Sarah
Camera Operator Brett


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